Pictures from 2006 Program - Scenes (7/22)

Costumes by Charles Caine and AT Jones.
Makeup by Steven Horak
Photos by Beth Bergman
Note: Photos are not print quality.
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Don Pasquale - Dino Wu & Andrew Cummings: D. Wu also sings Bella siccome Don Pasquale - Taylor Stayton sings Povero Ernesto!...Cercherņ lontana terra Don Pasquale - Lucia Salas sings Quel guardo il cavaliere... Don Pasquale - Lucia Salas & Andrew Cummings, Dino Wu (not pictured) sing the trio
Madama Butterfly - Allison Robertson & Tracey Marie Koch Madama Butterfly - Kenny Overton, T. Koch sing Butterfly-Sharpless duet: also pictured A. Robertson Madama Butterfly - T. Koch,
A. Robertson & K. Overton Butterfly-Sharpless duet cont.
Madama Butterfly - A. Robertson & T. Koch sing the Flower Duet
Madama Butterfly - Min Chul Ji, A. Robertson & K. Overton sing the trio: M. Ji sings Addio fiorito asil Falstaff - J. Gould - Falstaff-S. Mcquire - Quickly sing the duet Falstaff - Chia Wei Lee sing Ford's Aria Falstaff - L. Woo, L. Komara, S. Mcguire & S. DuBois, sing the quartet