Rick Christman, Voice Faculty, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Catholic University of America "To the wonderful mentors of the Martina Arroyo Foundation: As you know, one of my students was a participant in your 2012 Summer "Prelude to Performance" and once again I was privileged to witness the development of the many fine singers involved over the course of the 6 weeks. I remain amazed and so very impressed with what your tuition-free program provides for these emerging artists in a world where the opportunities for them to perfect their skills seems to be drying up on a daily basis. I teach voice in my studios in DC and in NYC. Each day I do so, I pray that there always will be a program such as yours that provides singers with the "next step" in their career path. One can not place a value on what you give them in stagecraft, dramatic interpretation, characterization, deportment and combat, coaching in musicality and diction, while working with such experienced mentors as you provide in the form of coaches, master classes with performing artists and agents, conductors, stage directors, costumers and make-up artists. All of this is so very necessary in the development process of a young singer and done under the direction of artists of the stature of Martina Arroyo and Mark Rucker. What more can one ask? Then to be able to perform with an orchestra in front of a New York audience !? !? Invaluable ! We often "Bravo" a singer who has done a wonderful job on any of the world's opera stages. I want to take this moment to "Bravissimi !" all of those involved in the Martina Arroyo Prelude to Performance program for their amazing contribution in helping to shape the singers who we will "Bravo!" in the future."