Gerardo de la Torre (Gianni Schicchi cover) was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He has a bachelor in Finance from the Universidad Regiomontana, and has combined his profession with an operatic career. In 2006, he began his vocal studies in the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey to further perfect his vocal technique with Dr. José Luis Orozco. He was the 3rd. Prize Winner of the VIII International Singing Contest Sinaloa 2016 and The San Miguel Institute of Bel Canto Award in the same contest. He made his debut in Theatre of Bellas Artes as a finalist in the XXXIV National Singing Contest Carlo Morelli 2016, wining the SIVAM Award. The baritone has been conducted by the prestigious Maestros Enrique Patrón de Rueda, Srba Dinic and Guido Maria Guida, working with the word class coaches Joan Dornemann, Ted Taylor and Marcie Stapp. Additionally, he has been student of the Maestros Michael Sylvester, Luis Ledesma, Joseph McClain, Nadine Secunde, Jane Dutton, Ruth Hennessy. In 2015, he won the FORCA residences program, representing the Nuevo León State in the tour Ópera del Noreste in the cities of Monterrey, Durango, Saltillo, Chihuahua and Ciudad Victoria. The baritone has been recognized as "a voice with resonance and a register with ease for the low notes" in the Pro Ópera magazine, September 2016 edition.