Dr. Robin Rice, Associate Professor of Voice-Ohio State University "I wanted to write you and tell you how valuable your Prelude To Performance program has been to the singers. What I have noticed over the years is that everyone who has been accepted into your program has come back with so much more of a better idea of who they are as a singer and what things they need to work on. Your program offers a wonderful balance of support and yet still challenges them so that they exceed their own goals and this allows the singers to grow. You have assembled an excellent team of highly skilled artists to work with the singers. They are uniquely equipped to help the singers in every aspect of the career. I also really like that I am comfortable in sending my students because I know that they will get excellent solid vocal and career advice and not come back to the studio and be broken down vocally or emotionally. I recommend the Prelude program to every aspiring young professional singer. In short, your program is the Gold Standard of summer training programs." For more information about Professor Rice click here