Videos from 2012 Program - Così fan tutte Opening video
Photos by Jen Joyce Davis
Costumes by Charles Caine and AT Jones.
Makeup by Steven Horak
Note: DVD are not of a very good quality.
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please contact the Foundation.
R. Peñaverde, S. LaBrie, A. Courville Soave sia il vento Y. Blum & C. Yu sing Ah guarda sorella Y. Blum, A. Courville & C. Yu sing Soave sia il vento Yiselle Blum sings Smanie implacabili
Mizuho Takeshita sings Una donna Clair Heikung Yu sings Come scoglio S. LaBrie & Y. Blum - Il core vi dono, bell' idol mio
Mizuho Takeshita sings Un uomini Y. Blum & C. Yu - Prendero quel brunettino Steven LaBrie sings Donne mie, la fate a tanti Rogelio Peñaverde sings Un''aura amorsa