Pictures from 2015 Program - Madama Butterfly Video (7/9)
Photos by Jen Joyce Davis
Costumes by Charles Caine and AT Jones.
Makeup by Steven Horak
Note: Videos are not high quality.
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A. Lee & H. Kim Act I Beginning Scene B. Sutton, T. Ku & Ensemble "The Wedding" B. Sutton & T. Ku sing Love Duet Act II Beginning
B. Sutton & Y. Yoo sing Madama Butterfly Scene Continued H. Kim and A. Lee H. Kim, A. Wientzen & B. Sutton sing The Flower Duet
B. Sutton & H. Kim continued Act III Beginning, H. Kim, A. Wientzen & B. Sutton contined T. Ku Addio fiorito asil contined H. Kim & B. Sutton