Pictures from 2016 Program - Die Fledermaus Dress-Reheasal (7/6)
Photos by Jen Joyce Davis
Costumes by Charles Caine and AT Jones.
Makeup by Steven Horak
Note: Photos are not print quality and are the sole property of MAF.
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Shana Grossman Spencer Hamlin & Haley Sicking Joseph Sacchi Jonathan Tetelman & Thaddaeus Bourne
J. Tetelman & H. Sicking Haley Sicking Prelude to Performance chorus Hongni Wu & J. Tetelman
J. Tetelman, S. Grossman & Chorus Shana Grossman Chelsea Bonagura & T. Bourne Jonathan Tetelman
Haley Sicking H. Sicking with suitors J. Tetelman & T. Bourne Hongni Wu
C. Bonagura, J. Tetelman & Stephanie Jabre Shana Grossman Thaddaeus Bourne S. Grossman & P. Grosvenor
Jessi Goebel, C. Bonagura & S. Jabre Stephen Mo Hanan Paul Grosvenor S. Grossman, C. Bonagura & P. Grosvenor
Shana Grossman Spencer Hamlin H. Sicking & J. Tetelman Final Bow