Pictures from 2016 Program - La Bohème Dress-Reheasal (7/5)
Photos by Jen Joyce Davis
Costumes by Charles Caine and AT Jones.
Makeup by Steven Horak
Note: Photos are not print quality and are the sole property of MAF.
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Jeff Byrnes & Dángelo Dìaz D. Dìaz, J. Byrnes & Chunfeng Li Jose Rubio Dìaz, Li, Rubio & Byrnes
Li, Rubio, Eric Delagrange, Byrnes & Dìaz Dángelo Dìaz J. Sandidge& D Dìaz Jessica Sandidge
Y. Yoo and B. Sutton B Sutton and H. Kim Alexander Boyd as Yamadori Akari Wientzen as Dolore 7-9
Claire Coolen Eric Delagrange E. Delagrange, C. Coolen & J. Byrnes Prelude Chorus and Children's Chorus
Ladies Chorus Jeff Byrnes & Jessica Sandidge Claire Coolen & Jeff Byrnes Jeff Byrnes
Li, Rubio, Byrnes & Dìaz Coolen, Dìaz, Li, Byrnes & Rubio Jeff Byrnes " Claire Coolen Dángelo Dìaz " Jessica Sandidge
Chunfeng Li Jessica Sandidge Dángelo Dìaz & Jessica Sandidge Final Bow