Prelude to Performance

The program is open to opera singers ages 20–35. The applicants must have sufficient vocal experience and stamina to handle the course of study and performance demands and will be selected through an audition process by Ms. Arroyo and her artistic staff. Recommendations from two professionals must accompany each application.

Auditions for 2018 are.:

New York City   Michigan State
Feb. 02, 03, 04  
Feb. 16, 17, 18    
Audition Location   Audition Location
Hunter College   Cook Hall

NOTE: Please be aware EVERY date in the last audition weekend is completely full. Therefore we are now ONLY accepting Audio/Video or Waitlist submission. All such submissions are based on the same deadline (Feb. 9).
For those singers who for reasons of financial hardship or scheduling difficulties can not be present on any of the above dates and can not schedule a private audition, it is possible to submit a URL video (Youtube) or email an mp3 (3 max) to the Foundation. Note: neither of these should be altered for sound in any way. You must still go through the normal application process.

Operas to be offered

Verdi's Falstaff
and Donizetti’s Don Pasquale

FREE . Tuition does not include housing and living expenses. Information about housing for participants from outside New York City will be available.However "tuition free" only refers to participants and not auditors or covers.


Stipends are limited. The actually breakdown will be presented at a later date. Please also be aware that because of some grants that were not received, we are forced to make major cuts in our stipends. Therefore, stipends will be VERY limited.

Download Poster

2018 Audition Requirements click...
REQUIRED AUDITION REPERTOIRE, PTP 2018 Page/score/measure (FROM beginning of measure TO beginning of measure)

FALSTAFF (Schirmer piano/vocal score, plate # 45547)

Alice - "Gaie comare di Windsor" plus previous “recitativo” (Act 2) – p. 204/1/3 – 208/2/4 [down beat]

Nannetta - "Ninfe...Sul fil d'un soffio etesio" (Act 3) – begin p.350. Cut from 351/1/1 (after down beat) to 354 (OK to cut choral section on pp 356-357) Meg Page - something comedic (in Italian)

Dame Quickly - "Riverenza..." (Act 2) – begin 130/3/1 – 143 (end of scene) and something else comedic

Falstaff - "Ehi! paggio!...L'onore…" (Act 1) – begin 34/3/1 to end of act! and “Quand'ero paggio del Duca di Norfolk” (Act 2) – 222/1/1

Ford - "È sogno? o realtà?” (Act 2) – 177/2/2

Fenton – “Dal labbro il canto estasiato vola” (Act 3) – 332/3/1 Caius, Bardolfo and Pistola – something comedic (in Italian)

DON PASQUALE (Ricordi piano/vocal score)

Norina – “Quel guardo il cavaliere...So anch’io la virtù magica” (with coda) – Act 1

Ernesto – “Povero Ernesto…Cercherò lontana terra” PLUS cabaletta and “Com'è gentil” (Act 3)

Dr. Malatesta – “Bella siccome un angelo” - (Act 1) Don Pasquale – “Ah, un foco insolita” – (Act 1) Notary (comic tenor) – something comedic (in Italian)

Online Application

If you are applying using a credit card (our preferred method), please click onto Yaptracker icon to apply for our program. There is no membership fee to use the application. You just need to register as a "guest".

Please note that no applications wil be accepted after Feb. 9, 2018!

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