Prelude to Performance

Prelude to Performance® gives selected young singers an opportunity to prepare the complete interpretation of operatic roles in furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation. The program will focus on the preparation of an entire role to include:

  • the background of the role
  • the historical perspective of the role
  • the psychological motivations of the character
  • the use of the body and voice in the
    interpretation of the character
  • the use of language to convey the character
    with an emphasis on diction 

The program culminates in performances of selected operas, staged, with costumes and orchestra.

Approximately thirty young artists are selected to participate from auditions held during the winter and spring months. The first four weeks are dedicated to staging, lectures, seminars, master classes and individual coaching. On the fifth week we move into the theater and focus entirely on preparation for the final performances.  Critiques are given to all participants after the performances by faculty and selected professionals. We begin staging in the first week, therefore all participants must come with their roles completely memorized and OFF BOOK by the first day of class. It should also be noted that if you arrive unprepared we reserve the option of releasing you from the program!.

The Prelude to Performance® program includes:
  1. Weekly Individual Coaching (more available at your own expense)

  2. Opera Workshop (stage movement, character motivation)

  3. Foreign Language Study of Selected Operas

  4. Role Class (probe character, historical context)

  5. Libretto Study — “Speak your Part!”

  6. Recitative Study

  7. Character Study

  8. Elective Master Classes (e.g. stage combat, makeup & costumes, management seminar)

  9. Critique session (faculty and professionals)


Download a Poster and Brochure
To download a poster for the 2015 program please click here. To download a brochure for the 2015 program please click here.



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