The Martina Arroyo Foundation guides each singer in the preparation of an entire operatic role through a formal educational process that includes the background of the drama, the historical perspective, the psychological motivation of each character, and language proficiency.


The principal programs of The Martina Arroyo Foundation are its Role Preparation Class and Prelude to Performance, an intensive summer program that includes fully staged performances with orchestra.

While serving as Distinguished Professor of Music of the Indiana University School of Music, Martina Arroyo created a course in role preparation that became the basis of a program she offered to young opera singers in New York City in September of 2002. The success of that program led to the establishment of The Martina Arroyo Foundation in June of 2003.

"...Martina's legacy is this passion she has for her profession, she's giving to all these young people right now."               -Lotfi Mansouri


"...despite all their success, all their fame, they've remained true to themselves and inspired the rest of us to do the same."


-Barack Obama Speaking about Martina Arroyo and other honorees at the Kennedy Center Honors Reception at the White House, December 2013


Singer Resources


The Kaye Playhouse

The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College is our venue for the annual Prelude to Performance® opera performances.

695 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065

(212) 772-4448


The Liederkranz

The Liederkranz Foundation is the home of our Role Preparation classes and recitals.

6 E 87th St, New York, NY 10128

(212) 534-0880


Riverside Choral Society

The Riverside Choral Society has been a vital presence in the cultural life of New York City for 30 years.

2753 Broadway #244, New York, NY 10025

(917) 734-7512


Board members and staff


President and
Artistic Director

Martina Arroyo

Vice President
Andrew Martin-Weber
Mariana Zvetkova

Beatrice M. Disman

Grants Consultant 
Janelle Hurst

Administrative Assistant
Juella Baltonado

Financial Consultant
Paolo Petrini

Sadie Rucker

Marsha Evans


Board of Directors
Martina Arroyo
Beatrice M. Disman
Ellen Godfrey
Mason Granger
Nimet Habacy
John G. Koeltl
Kenneth F. Koen
Anthony Laciura
Andrew Martin-Weber Liliane Offredo                  Ernst Rieser                         Murray Rosenthal
Garry Spector                    Cecilia Teng                        Mark Rucker

Board Emeritus
Alfred F. Hubay

In memoriam:
Annie Benoit
Robert F. Crosby
Bella Linden, Esq.
Michel Maurel
L. Donald Robinson

Board Emeritus
Alfred F. Hubay

In memoriam:
Annie Benoit
Robert F. Crosby
Bella Linden, Esq.
Michel Maurel
L. Donald Robinson


Advisory Board
Joseph Bascetta
Ken Benson
Harolyn Blackwell
Stephanie Blythe
Richard Bonynge
Tito Capobianco
Stephen De Maio
Neil Funkhouser
Richard Leech
John Miller
Eric Owens
Rafael Sanchez
Jessica Weber
Midge Woolsey

In memoriam:
Leon Fassler
Lotfi Mansouri
Dame Joan Sutherland


Our Donors

We gratefully acknowledge that Prelude to Performance® has been funded, in part, by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

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