Role Class

Explore and develop the character of a complete role through the historic and musical setting of the work. 

Choosing appropriate roles that have been approved by their voice teachers, the singers will:

  • Prepare their own word-by-word translations

  • Research the literary and historical backgrounds of the operas and their characters in detail

  • Explore their character's psychological motivations and inner lives

  • Develop the physicality and dramatic style appropriate to their role

  • Refine their grasp of the specific musical style of the opera

  • Perform selected excerpts from the opera they have studied for an audience in a formal concert.

    • The excerpts include individual arias, ensembles, and recitatives (where applicable). The purpose is to provide the singers with an opportunity to perform before an audience at the conclusion of their study.

Stay in touch for application dates to apply

*Please note that this application is primarily for Prelude to Performance. Just indicate on the application that you are auditioning for Role Class.  

An important benefit is the interaction of the singers with each other.

  • The 12-Week Role Preparation course begins with coaching and class with Ms. Arroyo starts the following week.
  • The program includes one hour-long private coaching per week held at the studios of the coaching staff and concludes in early April, with a public recital at the Liederkranz Foundation
  • The classes and recital are held at the Liederkranz Foundation at 6 East 87th Street in New York City and The Metropolitan Opera Guild (70 Lincoln Center Plaza 6th Floor, New York City.
  • There is no teaching of vocal technique.